Milk Pond

by Humans

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Milk Pond was recorded/mixed/mastered by the lovely Mike Notaro at his Sound Workshop. Released on Glory Hole Records August 14, 2012.

Joel Henline: Guitar/Vocals
Zachary Walter: Drums/Percussion
Jeffrey Jetter: Bass


released August 14, 2012

Joel Henline, Zachary Walter, Jeffrey Jetter, Mike Notaro, Jimmy Peoni, James O'Dea, Drew Uebel, Geran Thur, Brant Brant.



all rights reserved


Humans Bloomington, Indiana


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Track Name: The Vagrant Dead
I've got the heat set just right to deliver this satisfying trend.

At several cups deep, I check my watch with regularity.

To resume my slouch....or pack my things and leave....

I will return with a new productivity and tonight shows the signs of a suitable end!
Track Name: Under the Radar
Tracing circles with my fingertips,
it must be vile, see how it stains the plastic?
So are you sure thats what you really want?
Oh I see you just want to stay and talk.
Well what's that, what's that you ask?
Yes I'm still taking classes.
You know you get under my skin
and I swear I could get under you skin.

If you knew me outside this sheltered pen,
and if you could see my insides, you'd change your opinion
about what it is i'm after
and why it seems I care
about your goddamn weekend and your ethics paper!

Cause I know what I want
and I know how to get it!
I know what I want
but I hope I don't lose it.

Down the hatch I go again.
Am I selling you lunch or am I selling you bullshit?
You have the most wretched smile, decrepit teeth sugar coated in sweetner.

I know now, I know how
I know what I need is not what I want.
Track Name: Flesh Maze
Peel off a layer if it seems worth it.
But can you handle it?
My comfort is wrapped up far too tight!

Turn over that tired tounge
It's done enough
It's so damned dimly lit
I'm stepping on the dogs again.

Jump on in, swim freely
These fresh flesh layers can't be seen
The sea is glistening.

At fifteen percent of worth it hurts.
I'm pushing in.
How were you able to stand and hold all that weight?

Are you taking up air,
Or is that hair caught in your teeth?
Past tense failures: Copy and Paste!
I'm afraid the next rung can't be reached!

We are still sitting and sifting shit through our clenched teeth with this peculiar growth feeding your personality

This locked groove must have been designed for me.
Have you witnessed it's repeat?

Some call for rest while the others just detest the act of needing so bury your head and accept this offering.

What is hidden never sleeps.
And out of passion...Deceit.

Is this a sign that I am over ripe when nothing seems to find its way in?

I want to let it soak into my skin!
Track Name: Screen Memory
Here we toast to predictability
Craving a slice of the times that were so sweet.

The playback is un-operational
Let it be. Let it be.

Can you swallow it whole?
Can you suck down every ounce?
Choke it down!

The view from where I'm perched is fading
All things unfold
New designs arising
A new story told!

Exactly what I need!
more of the "I want to end it all type"
You want it.
I've got it?

I'm still setting sail without a key
This seat has grown cold next to me.
Within my capability configure the proper history.
Why write it down and revise all the lines to form a different side of life?

A bared teeth response to simple offerings
with a smile to draw me in.
Welcoming screen memories
to set fire to them!